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Rules In Using Your Prepaid Phone Cards Properly

A prepaid phone card is an effective communication tool for both business and personal use. It is true that compared to a regular phone line, a call card is something of a novelty rather than a fixture. Rather than paying for a standard telephone line every month, people are boasting of more savings for not having one.

This is one of the reasons why prepaid phone cards are gaining popularity as of today. Not everyone makes phone calls regularly. They only do so when the situation demands it. So rather than paying for monthly fees for services they seldom use, they can use the air time credit on their card to make calls only if necessary.

Basic Rules Of Usage

The first Rule in using your prepaid phone card is to know each one carefully. Before you purchase one for your use, it is important that you know every single detail about it. The terms of use, the rates for both domestic and international calls, extra charges, and what device you can use the card with (mobile phones, payphones, regular phone lines, and Internet calls).

Also, you might want to inquire deeply regarding extra fees for the use of payphones, since this will speed up the use of your air-time credits if you frequent the use of the said device. Check also the charges for connecting fees as well.

The second rule is to make sure that the toll-free numbers and your personal identification number (PIN) are each specified clearly on the card that you purchased. The toll-free numbers allows you to connect to the service, while the PIN number acts as a password to be able to use the air-time credits in your account. Always keep your PIN a secret.

If you are planning to be using your prepaid phone card for a very long time, then rule number three is to purchase cards that can be reloaded with air-time credits. You can either do this using a toll-free number and through the Internet using a credit card. Some call card reloads comes in the form of recharge cards, which can be purchased in local retail stores in your area.

Be Careful Of Scams

Since the popularity of using prepaid phone cards increased over the years, it's an unavoidable fact that scams and frauds do exist in this business; and you should be well aware to watch out.

One such scam is the hidden charges attached to prepaid phone cards. A legitimate company would be upfront with all the fees that your prepaid phone card has with every use. This is usually found under the terms and conditions of the company selling the card.

Next is to be weary of people who give you a call asking for your PIN number. These scammers are usually pretending to be people from the government or any legal agencies. These agencies do no such thing. Keep in mind rule number two at this point -- keep your PIN number a secret.

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