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Tehran: Ahmadinejad states Iran has nuclear right

InternationalIranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad stated that Iran has a right to nuclear energy in a press conference in Tehran on Saturday, Iran has faced increasing pressure over its nuclear energy program, which the international community suspects is a cover for nuclear weapon development. Iran recently removed IAEA seals from uranium enrichment facilities and announced that enrichment, which is a step that can lead to the creation of weapons grade uranium as well as material for nuclear power, had been restarted.

Talks involving the UK, France and Russia with Iran over the issue recently broke down with Iran's close ally Russia removing support as the group called for Iran to be referred to the UN Security Council, a step that could lead to sanctions and other measures against the Islamic Republic. There has been speculation of military strikes from the US or Israel on Iranian nuclear facilities if the program proceeds although all sides have stated that military action is not an option at the moment and that they are looking to solve the problem through diplomatic channels.

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, said, "We in the Islamic Republic of Iran have said time and again that we are after peace and tranquility.

"As I mentioned earlier our foreign policy is based on justice. We never brutalize anyone, we never allow anyone to be brutalized or brutalize us. We want peace and security before all and we will defend the security everywhere.

"At this time some nations and its people are caught up in the policies made by their unlawful leaders and there are some of those leaders who think if they stockpile their weapons of mass destruction and chemical and biological weapons they have the right to impose their will on others. In other words they think the power of might is always right. They are trying to impose the same on the Islamic Republic of Iran. According to the IAEA Charter and also the Non-Proliferation Treaty and the articles under this treaty, all the member countries have the right to use nuclear energy for peaceful purposes and no excuse can deny the member country of this right or create any problem in the way of acquiring this technology, even the spot checks and the inspections made by the inspectors cannot do this.
At this time everyone knows that the five atomic powers of the world have a stockpile of thousands of warheads, nuclear warheads and they have all kinds of weapons of mass destruction and they are adding to the stockpile every year. Now they are trying to level some accusation against us, against a republic who does not have any weapons of mass destruction. After doing all the inspections and the short notice inspections they have not been able to find any proof of any wrongdoings in our nuclear program but because they think they have the right to deny us of this nuclear issue and peaceful use of atomic energy, they are trying to create this atmosphere against us. At first they told us, told everyone, that they are worried about Iran developing an atomic bomb but now they are saying that they are worried our nuclear research so they are singing a different tune now.", he added.

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