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How To Make Your Prepaid Phone Card Last Longer

Looking for the appropriate prepaid phone card is relatively easy these times. With the information highway at your fingertips, you can now remove the hassle out of shopping for one. It is possible to find a cheap calling card at the local store.

Be sure to do some investigating and price comparison first, before making a purchase. As retailers know, many people prefer convenience before quality. For this reason many companies charge more than the suggested retail price. If consumers decide o purchase a card online, they just might find what they want for a price many retail stores cannot compete with.

Card resellers who choose to do their business online know that your local store may no longer be the convenient way to purchase phone cards. Consumers can now simply search for a keyword or two in their search engine and come up with a good-quality phone card that can be purchased instantly from the comforts of home.

Tips In Choosing The Right Phone Card

Before purchasing a prepaid card, users must consider how they'll be using it. Choose a card that will offer you the best value for the kinds of calls you plan to make. At pay phones, use the cards for long distance calls. Prepaid phone cards are one of the best ways to make long distance calls at pay phones that do not accept coins.

If users are going to use the card to call family, friends or associates in another country, select a card offering low per-minute rates to that country. Prepaid cards often have low rates for calls in the U.S., however there are those that give high rates and per-call surcharges for calls overseas. Some cards are offered to people who call a certain countries more often, so their rates to specific countries may be lower.

In using a card with a per-call connection fee, you'll be paying that fee even if you make a short call or reach an answering machine, which would make your call a little bit more expensive. Analyze the standard length of your call when choosing between a card with a per-call connection fee and one without.

If you are making more short calls, then select a card that has no per-call surcharges. However, if you are going to make longer calls, a card with low per-minute rates and a per-call surcharge may save you money.

Analysts say that it would be best to purchase a prepaid phone card that has a toll-free 24-hour customer service number, as they have operators who will answer questions and queries, and respond to complaints. Some US states require all prepaid phone card firms doing business in their state to have this toll-free number. By having this access number, many minor complaints can be resolved by calling the number on the back of a card.

Types Of Charges A Card May Levy On Consumers

Consumers need to be aware of the possible charges and fees that phone cards may levy on them. Service fees are sometimes referred to as maintenance fees. These deductions from the card can be made every day, week or month, depending on the telecom provider. Daily service fees could range from 3 cents to 50 cents, and weekly fees may range from 12 cents to $1 and monthly fees from 50 cents to $2.

There are also per-call connection fees, and these range from 25 cents to $2.50, and are charged on every call you make. Calls within the U.S. generally offer lower per-call connection fees, while international calls have much higher ones. Some cards also charge taxes and government surcharges. Which are referred to as communications fees.

These charges usually range from 7.5% to 15%. There are also cards that levy payphone surcharges. When you use a toll-free phone card at a pay phone, most card providers deduct a "pay phone compensation fee" for each call. It is used to pay the owner of the phone for carrying toll-free calls. This charge ranges from 24 cents to 75 cents.

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