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Herbs Against Snake's Venom and Malaria

InternationalPharmacy normally sells modern medicines like chemically processed, sold in bottles and blister packs. In Mali, Bourama Soumaoro, a doctor was selling medicines that are home-made. The medicines are usually made up of ground-up local herbs. The ingredients and mixtures of his medicines were based from knowledge and are now passed on from generation to generation.

The doctor is quoted saying, "the story of modern medicine is foreign to our culture."
He further enunciated that it is called a traditional medicine. In their culture, people believe that plants are capable of healing and curing ailments and illnesses. A good example of this is Malaria.

"Malaria is one of the most common illnesses in Mali; and modern medicine has so far proved to be ineffective," said Soumaoro. "Traditional medicine at least finds solutions to relieve the symptoms."

Based on a WHO report, it is estimatesd that about 80% of Africans simply rely on traditional medicine since birth. For every 25,000 people, only one conventional doctor practices traditional medicine in every 200 in some areas. Moreover, a region called Mali Sikasso, is said to be the only place in the country to possess an anti-venom powder that counteract venom and treat snake bites as well, an example which Mali's Association of Traditional Healers says is recognised by medical doctors.

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