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Google’s Anti-Malware Team Launches Security Blog

Google’s Anti-Malware team, which is devoted to protecting its users from drive-by downloads, has surfaced-publicly on May 21. The Anti-Malware team posted a blog wherein its team members will discuss security topics that will also help provide its users with periodical updates on recent trends, as well as security-related efforts and findings.

Googles acquisition of its Anti-Malware team shows that they may probably enter the desktop security market, which may include a free collection of essential software including Norton Security Scan and Spyware Doctor Starter Edition, complementing their knowledge of search.

Two members of the Anti-Malware team, namely Panayiotis Mavrommatis and Niels Provos, wrote the inaugural Google security posting, which discussed how widespread Malware was. One recent Google paper on the subject showed that web-based Malware actually covered billions of sites, including the 1 million sites out of the 12 million URLs that hosted drive-by downloads. The Google paper, which was widely misinterpreted, was used to weed out a subset of those billions for in-depth investigation.

The security post written by the Anti-Malware team showed a map containing the densities of malicious sites wherein China and the United States contain the most concentration of activities, followed by Canada and Russia.

Google recommends that users should enable automatic updating for their operating systems, browsers, browser plug-ins and applications, as well as running an anti-virus engine in order to avoid infection.

Vanessa Arellano Doctor

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