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Elementary Students Uses GPS Technology

Casey Park Elementary School students were introduced to the Global Positioning System, or GPS, last year when it they became the first school in the Auburn district to use the GPS technology.

With the help of Auburn Education Foundation (AEF) grant, along with the school’s physical education teacher Bill Allan and technology consultant Dennis Meegan, the students were given a chance to learn different mapping skills, such as the concepts of longitudes and latitudes.

Other schools, such as the Seward and Genesee Elementary Schools also benefited from such GPS technology since the Casey Park Elementary School has allowed them to borrow their GPS units.

The GPS technology and units were used and incorporated into certain subjects of the school’s curriculum, including mathematics, social studies and physical education classes.

The students were able to know more about the GPS technology through the interdisciplinary geo-caching project that involved teachers from Meegan University, namely Cindy Wright and Don Patchett, physical education teachers, as well as Shari Wakeham, Peter Sikora, Steve Franchina and Meredith Torrisi, all classroom teachers.

Auburn is especially fortunate to have been given the chance to incorporate the GPS technology in their classes.

More and more applications for the GPS technology are now being developed as teachers experience the educational benefits of using GPS units in their classes.

Vanessa Arellano Doctor

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