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Effective Herbal Remedies For Alleviating Tendinitis


Tendinitis, or tendonitis, is a painful condition which refers to the inflammation of the tendons.

Tendons basically, are the fibrous structures or tissue that attaches the bones to muscles. Classifying tendonitis is varies depending upon the part of the body that is affected, either in around the shoulders, elbows, wrists and heels.

The risk of physical injuries can also be easily sustained in the tendons of the heels and in those of the shoulder, especially in cases when any form of physical exertion is carried out involving strain to the tendons present in both places. A feeling of tenderness and soreness due to tissue swelling is common in the areas where the tendons have become affected and painful sensations due to the inflammation is always present in such areas.

What Age Group Does It Affect Most
Generally, tendinitis occurs in middle to older age men or women, when the tendons can become more prone to injuries ,but it also occurs in younger individuals, when exercises are undertaken too vigorously or the tasks are performed repetitively.

This painful condition is most often diagnosed by evaluating major factors in the patient's history that may indicate muscular overuse. This ailment will often develop when a person suddenly increases his or her level of activity without properly getting adequate training or body conditioning. This occurs frequently in occupational and recreational settings. Aside from evaluating factors in the patient's history that are likely to lead to this condition, a doctor may utilize many physical examination procedures.

Most tendons are located near the surface of the skin and therefore can be easily touched, felt or pressed in order to make a diagnosis, mostly manual therapy practitioners who have exceptionally-developed palpation skills. Pressure placed directly on these tendons is likely to cause discomfort. Lastly, the manual therapy practitioner could also ask the patient to contract the muscle attached to the tendon, usually against resistance, to verify if this maneuver causes pain.

Potent Herbal Mixtures For Alleviating Tendinitis

There are a number of herbal mixtures and topical preparations that are commonly utilized to treat tendinitis. These herbs are known to possess anti-inflammatory properties and will help heal the torn tendon fibers. If the condition is chronic one, burning a small amount of mugwort near the skin may hasten the healing process.

Some oral herbal ingredients or supplements may also be helpful in creating an optimal healing environment for the tendon and address any related concerns. Traditional Chinese medicine practitioners and experts may also perform a unique form of acupressure massage called tui-na. Below are some potent herbal ingredients which are helpful in alleviating this painful condition.

- Fenugreek.
The grounded seeds of the fenugreek and milk are a good combination, as the inflammation in the affected area would be reduced and relieved through the anti-inflammatory properties of the fenugreek herb.

- Curcumin
The turmeric herb, curcumin, also is noted to possess potent pain-killing and anti-inflammatory properties, and its extract can also be utilized as a herbal topical ointment.

- Individuals who suffer from this painful condition should also regularly consume fresh vegetables and fruits, flax seed meal, flax seed oil, deep water fish, fresh water and organically raised food.

Usually, this painful swelling of the tendons would naturally heal if the activity that provokes it is reduced or stopped. There are many types of treatments that can help speed up the healing process. Some tendonitis concerns may last for longer periods, because they are not afforded the proper treatment periods before a person goes back to a more vigorous activity level.

If this condition persists and is generally unresponsive to non-surgical treatment methods, the afflicted part of the tendon may need to be removed through surgery, and a type of surgery is also performed to remove the buildup of calcium levels that come with persistent tendonitis.

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