New Genocide Denial Bill on Agenda in Netherlands

Friday, June 02 2006 @ 08:36 am UTC

After the delay of the French bill to penalize the denial of the so-called Armenian genocide, a similar offer came from the Netherlands.

Prepared by the Christian Union (CU) party having three seats at the 150-seat Dutch parliament, the draft was presented to the assembly. The bid aims to criminalize denial of the so-called Armenian genocide. Tineke Huizinga-Heringa, who submitted the motion, said the bill does not contradict the freedoms of thought and speech.

Huizinga-Heringa said they thought legal regulation was called for after certain developments were not initiated for the so-called Armenian Genocide and Jewish Holocaust, adding they expect support from other parties for the bid.

The Netherlands Armenian Federation and Dutch antiracism organization (LBR) supported the offer.

The Turkish community showed immediate reaction to the latest development by Dutch deputies.

Last year, the Danish Administration had attempted to prepare a law criminalize people and foundations who voice their ideas about neglecting, approving or rejecting terrorist actions.

The bill, which accepted genocide as a crime, did not mention the so-called Armenian Genocide explicitly. The government later abandoned this attempt.

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