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The Role Of Miami Immigration Lawyers In Situations Where People Are Facing Deportation Proceedings

It is common knowledge that any foreign national will be allowed to enter the United States as long as the specific procedures which have been laid down by the law are to be duly followed. And since Miami is one of the different regions within the United States which appeal so much to people from all over the world, it should be made clear that these laws do apply for the region as well.

Ideally, foreign nationals are allowed entry into the country based on their individual visas which are provided to them and tend to vary based on the requirements and the situation which they provide and declare during the acquisition of the said visa. The visa which has been granted to the individual will give them the right to stay and reside in the area for a certain period of time, and for anyone to stay for a period of time that exceeds that which has been stated in the visa then the stay becomes considered “unlawful” and deportation problems are likely to arise.

During the event that any given person has become known to be staying on unlawful terms, removing hearings then become implemented in order to look into the case to find out whether the person is subject to be kept in custody. It is at this point that a Miami immigration lawyer would certainly come in handy for any legal advice and guidance that would be useful for the individual involved.

Back in the day, separate proceedings—referred to as exclusion proceedings—were implemented for checking on whether or not a person has entered the country in an unlawful manner. On the other hand, individuals who have been granted permission to reside in the country but have violated immigration laws in the process are to undergo deportation proceedings. Nowadays, there is no difference in the two. In fact, both are now referred to as removal proceedings.

It is a well-known fact that the immigration laws within the United States are rather strict, however it is astonishing to see that the number of immigrants that become involved in deportation and immigration issues continue to grow each year.

Regardless of that, it becomes necessary for certain removal proceedings to be conducted, and the individuals involved in these proceedings are better off getting in touch with a Miami immigration lawyer that can give them the legal assistance that is necessary in the hopes of finding complete resolution for all the issues that have been raised in the proceedings.

Joan Vonnegut
Miami Immigration Lawyer

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