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How to Clean Your Crystal Chandelier

Having a beautiful sparkling crystal chandelier in your house would be lovely so in order for it to be such, you would have to clean it regularly to prevent it from becoming a million-dollar hanging dust collector. So to clean it, you will need the following materials:

Things you will need are spray bottles, cleaning cloths, ammonia, chandelier cleaning fluids, isopropyl alcohol, masking tape, distilled water, sandwich bags and rubber bands

Step 1 – Setup Lighting

In this process, you will not be able to use the crystal chandelier itself for lighting. So make sure you setup sufficient alternative lighting.

Step 2 – Make Sure the Crystal Chandelier is Turned Off

This is one very important process. To prevent any electric accidents in the process, you have to make sure that power is turned off at all times. Place masking tape on the wall switch to make sure nobody turns it on while you are working.

Step 3- Cover All Bulbs

Cover all upright bulbs with sandwich bags and secure them with rubber bands. Place a drop cloth underneath the crystal chandelier after doing so.

Step 4 – The Crystal Chandelier Cleaner Solution

Next up you will have to mix your chandelier cleaning solution. For this, mix up one part isopropyl alcohol or ammonia with three parts distilled water and place the solution in a spray bottle. This solution is good but if you don’t want to mix your own cleaner, you can buy a special chandelier cleaning fluid that is available in most lighting retail stores

Step 5 – Spray It on the Crystal Chandelier

Spray the solution (whether it is the one you have to mix or the one you have to buy from the store) carefully all over the chandelier. Avoid wires and other electric parts.

Step 6 – Allow the Crystals to Dry

After you spraying the chandelier, allow the crystals to dry. This is applicable if the crystals are not too dusty but if they are, you will have to hand wash each of them individually. Make sure they are completely dry before putting them back on.

Step 7 - Wipe It Clean

Remove the plastic bags from the light bulbs once they are dry. Carefully wipe all other non-crystal parts with a damp cloth dipped in the solution. Make sure to allow the crystal chandelier to dry overnight before turning it back on.

For an overall clean, you will have to practically disassemble your crystal chandelier piece by piece and hand wash each one, but this method is good enough for a quick way to make your crystal chandelier sparkle.

Vanessa Arellano Doctor
Crystal Chandelier

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