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Which Is better: Porcelain Sinks or Stainless Steel Sinks?

Welcome to the battle of kitchen sinks wherein we gauge kitchen sink to use for your beautiful kitchen. In this article, we will explore the pros and cons of porcelain sinks and stainless steel sinks. Which is the better sink for all time? Which looks prettiest in your kitchen? And best of all, which kitchen sink is best for you. If you want to know the answer to that most important question, read on.


It is very important for kitchen sinks to be spotless and bacteria free. Since we process our food in this area, it is essential that we get one that is not only easy to clean, but also those that don't accumulate stains. The stainless steel kitchen sink win all the points on this one. It is very easy to clean -- requiring only water and soap plus a rug to do the trick. But for tough to remove stains, scrubbing it with an abrasive scrubbing pad can be your ticket to cleanliness. You donít need to dish out hundreds of dollars for cleaning agents so itís a very cost-effective solution for your kitchen.


The problem with porcelain sink is that it is always in danger of cracking or chipping. To rough a contact with kitchen utensil or a pot, and you get a nice little crack in the middle that will forever become a problem for your kitchen. Stainless steel sink, on the other hand, has no problem in that area. The material used is sturdy and can take heavy beating from all your kitchen items. Not only that, it can also withstand extreme temperature. There is no need to tip toe around a stainless kitchen sink. It can handle the heaviest and most extreme jobs with no problem at all. Durability is the name of the game and stainless steel sinks win this round.


Since this is the modern times, it is only best to follow the latest designs and styles for our kitchen. And modern homes need modern sinks! The stainless kitchen sink win this round again! Also, this type of sink can compliment all types of kitchen designs -- be it marble or granite. You need not worry about dishing out extra to change your countertop to fit with your sink, since the design itself and the material will compliment your granite counter easy.

So for a kitchen sink that can match all of your needs, then you might as well get yourself a stainless steel kitchen sink. It is durable enough to withstand any torment, and will give your kitchen that modern look.

Vanessa Arellano Doctor
Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink

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