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Problems You Might Encounter After Purchasing Prepaid Phone Cards

Prepaid phone cards are frequently used by people nowadays. You seldom see people not using these cards. But despite the popularity of prepaid phone cards, a lot of people still encounter problems with it. And although most of us know what to do, there are some instances when we need the help of customer service representatives.

Let us find out about these problems and learn the possible solutions to it.

Lost PIN Numbers

After you purchased your card, they usually provide you with a PIN number to make calls. But if you have lost this important data, you can certainly request the PIN number from the customer service again. Typically, all phone card sellers keep track of their records and still have these PIN numbers in their data bank. You can ask for the help of the customer service department to get your number back again. Usually, they will ask the job order number, the date you made the purchase, and the name which was registered during the purchase.

Wrong Cards

If you are a first time prepaid phone card user, it is essential that you check or verify the destination of your calls and your location as well. Most prepaid phone cards are sold depending on the user's location and the destination of the calls. For this reason, knowing what specific prepaid phone card to use is very important to avoid having this kind of problem.

If in case you purchased the wrong cards, there are some sellers which allow refund of your money. But in most instances, sellers would only replace the item with the right prepaid phone cards that you need.

An Order That Didn't Go Through

Although orders that didn't go well only happen in the rarest circumstances, these kinds of problems may still be encountered after purchasing prepaid phone cards. For this reason, you have to verify the customer service so they could double check on the orders that you made. You also have to consider your internet connection since problems can exist in your computers or in the system used by prepaid phone card dealers.

If internet connection was slow during the time you made the order, there could be a big possibility that the order did not finish completely. But if there's nothing wrong with the network, you can verify the site and let them check the order you placed.

Poor Phone Card Quality

You may also experience problems with the quality of prepaid phone cards. The calls may have a bad connection or there would be poor voice quality in the calling cards you purchased. Like any other prepaid phone card problem, this has to be complained in the customer service department so necessary measures can be instituted.

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