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The World's Most Expensive Crystal Chandeliers

Crystal chandeliers are a common decorative piece we have at home. Some houses have the simplest chandeliers while others have the biggest and most expensive. But what are really the most costly chandeliers ever created? And why were they priced at such way? Learn more about these chandeliers by reading the items found below.

Strass Crystal Chandeliers

Strass crystal chandeliers are one of the most expensive lighting fixtures you could ever find in the world today. Because the crystal itself is guaranteed to last for a lifetime, you can expect chandeliers to be very costly if they are made with this kind of crystal.

Strass crystals are expensive because they are carefully cut and perfected by a machine. They are also coated to make sure that dust and any other dirt will just slide from its exterior. Strass chandeliers are made from Switzerland. They remain to be the number one crystals used in the world today.

Swarovski Crystal Chandeliers

Swarovski crystal chandeliers come next to Strass crystal chandeliers in price. Swarovski crystals are made by the same manufacturer of Strass crystals. Those seeking for a cheaper alternative to Strass crystals settle on Swarovski crystal chandeliers. Like the Strass type, these chandeliers are made exquisitely and are carefully crafted to perfection.

Crystal Chandeliers Made From Bohemia

Bohemian crystal chandeliers are also one of the nicest and most expensive in the world. Some consider Bohemia to be the first manufacturers of crystal chandeliers; that is why, many are overwhelmed by the lighting fixtures they have created. The crystals are as clear as the water and the sparkle is truly incomparable. The Bohemian crystal chandeliers remain to be one of the best in our world today.

Italian Made Crystal Chandeliers

Italian chandeliers are not only one of the finest but are perhaps the most elegant makers of crystal chandeliers. Italian makers are well known for the Murano chandeliers they produce. The Murano chandelier is also one of the most expensive chandeliers we have in the world today. Because of elegance, quality, and durability, one can be sure of a worthy purchase with this crystal chandelier type.

Egyptian Inspired Crystal Chandeliers

Egyptian inspired crystal chandeliers are perhaps the most historic forms of chandelier. They are also said to be the first makers of this glass lighting fixtures. They discovered how sand and lead can form into a very beautiful crystal that can be adorned in homes. Today, they are also one of the most expensive crystal chandelier makers in the world.

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