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New Fossils Found in Denizli

NationalIn recent findings, reports have said that the municipality is keeping the fossils under protection for scientists, reported by Kocabas Mayor İsa Cin. "The homo erectus fossil that was found in 2002 was 500,000 years old, but these fossils might be even older," said Cin and added that the fossils were removed from stones in the marble travertine mine.

Excavations carried out in a marble travertine mine in the town of Kocabaş in the Aegean city of Denizli's Honaz district unearth fossils of human arm bones, seahorses, crocodiles and crabs.

He said, "There are 40 marble mines and 20 factories in the town. Such interesting things can be found during excavations, and they are very important in terms of illuminating the history of Denizli. We hope scientists will soon come here and study the fossils. We already have many fossils of human bones, seahorses, crabs and other marine animals, and they are all waiting for laboratory examination. If they are studied, they will shed light on Denizli's history. We notified all the factories to preserve such things. We collect all of them."

Cin said the necessary studies would be carried out to determine the age of the fossils, and added, "After the completion of the scientific studies of the fossils, we plan to open a museum to display them." In the same region, a 500,000-year-old skull of a man was found in 2002, causing great excitement in the scientific world as it was Turkey's first homo erectus fossil.


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