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'Criticizing Israel is not Anti-Semitism'

Spanish Prime Minister Jose Luis Zapatero’s controversial actions of wrapping around his neck a Palestinian-style scarf, identified with former leader Yaser Arafat, and criticizing Israeli attacks has caused a debate in Spain about anti-Semitism.
Some Spanish newspapers accused Zapatero of behaving irresponsibly; others, such as El Periodico and El Pais, defended his actions. “To criticize Israeli policies is not anti-Semitism.”

Regarding the debates, a Spanish newspaper said, “The death of over 300 civilians in Lebanon imposes on Israel the moral obligation to stop.”

El Periodico called the event a mistake while criticizing the Israeli ambassador and the opposition People’s Party for their reactions.

El Pais agreed: “Bombing Lebanon cannot be justified any more than Hezbollah’s and Hamas’s provocations. Nobody needs to hide behind the “statute of a universal scapegoat” in order to reject its policy to be questioned.”

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