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Turkey's Gul: We will not sacrifice rights and freedoms to fight terrorism

“We will not restrict rights and freedoms when we fight against terrorism,” said Turkish Foreign Minister & Deputy Prime Minister Abdullah Gul.Appearing on private TV channel CNN-Turk, Gul stated, “Turkey already has an anti-terrorism law. It also has Turkish Penal Code. All crimes were defined in this code.”

Recalling that the terror organization (PKK) was trying to escalate its terrorist acts, Gul said that some articles (of the anti-terrorism law) should be strengthened to enable Turkish security forces to fight lawlessness in a more effective manner.

Gul underlined that terrorist organization is disturbed because of ongoing economic growth and stability and that's why it resumed its attacks.

Noting that anti-terror draft law that was submitted to the parliament was prepared painstakingly, Gul underscored that it was out of question for Turkey to be at odds with the EU on this matter.

“We attach great importance to modern democracy. We are moving on the path of EU membership,” he stated.

Gul stressed, “Turkish government has responsibility of boosting basic rights and freedoms. There are many things to do. Reform process is under-way and we will work hard for this process.”

Gul noted that his government took important steps to assure economic development and democratization that caused fear and disturbance within the terrorist organization.

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