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Turkey Pays $243 to Russia, $236 to Iran for Gas

BusinessThe details of the recent debates over the price of natural gas are starting to come to light. Documents shows that Turkey paid Russia $243 and Iran $236 per thousand cubic meters natural gas; while, Georgia pays just $110, Greece $207, Germany $217 and Austria $221 for the same amount of gas.

The cloud covering gas prices, which was brought to the agenda during the latest crisis between Russia and Ukraine, is beginning to lift.

As media claims about Turkey paying the highest purchase price for natural gas fills the front pages, the Turkish energy minister declared, “We purchase the cheapest natural gas in Europe.”

Russia’s Gazprom demanded a price increase to $260, however, fueling concerns. The documents Zaman obtained brought a new dimension to the issue. The receipts for November and December 2005 suggested that Turkey paid Russia and Iran a price well above the figures claimed for 1,000 cubic meters of natural gas.

Gazprom’s Gazexport account indicated for the receipt dated 8 November 2005 was at $242,863 for 1,000 cubic meters. Iranian natural gas supplier, NIGC’s receipt dated 15 December 2005 was $236 for the same amount.

Turkey annually receives 31.5 billion cubic meters natural gas, 19 billion cubic meters of which is supplied from Russia and eight billion from Iran; the rest comes from Algeria and Nigeria via tankers.

Russia had announced in January Moscow will increase the price of gas supplied to Ukraine up to $230, an increase of $50. Having rejected the increase, Ukraine decided to cut gas passing through Europe and Turkey. Ankara was relieved by the end of the crisis until the cold Siberian weather increased demand, which led Russia and Iran cut natural gas supplies, resulting in a new crisis.


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