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Details from Ankara\'s Roj TV documents revealed

InternationalDetails have reached the Hurriyet about documents presented by Ankara to Denmark in the push to have the terrorist group PKK linked television station, Roj TV, closed down.

The documents, which have apparently been sent to Denmark many times, show that at least 18 of the programs carried on Roj TY are produced and presented by the same people who worked for the previously banned PKK linked MED-TV in England.

One of the most important features of the documents presented to Denmark is the finding that the opening and closing chorus song on Roj TV is the same one which was used on the now-banned MED-TV, which is the PKK\'s \"Kurdish national march.\" This march, also known as \"Ey Reqip\" or \"Hey, Enemy,\" is used on Roj TV to start an end broadcasts of such programs as \"Rojbas\" (Good morning), \"Nuce\" (a news bulletin in the \'Kurmanci\' dialect), \"Dengubas\" (news bulletin in the \'Sorani\' dialect), \"Bername Taybeti\" (Special program), and \"Ciwan\" (Youth).

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