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Ministers to discuss Pamuk court case in Turkey

NationalThe group is to discuss with bureaucrats possible changes to articles limiting freedom of expression.

The Turkish government’s Reform Monitoring Group is to meet on Tuesday to discuss the issue of court cases against leading Turkish novelist Orhan Pamuk and Hrant Dink, the editor of the Armenian Agos magazine.

Both cases had been referred to in the European Union’s Turkey progress report. Pamuk is facing court in December over statements he made in a magazine interview in which he said that the Ottoman Empire had killed up to one million Armenians during the time of the First World War.

Last month, Dink was found guilty of insulting the Turkish people in comments he made in an article. Pamuk has been charged with the same offence.

The Reform Monitoring Group, consisting of the Foreign, Justice and Interior ministers and State Minister Ali Babacan, Turkey’s chief negotiator in the EU accession process, are to discuss ways of dealing with articles of Turkish law that limit freedom of expression.

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