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German CDU/CSU Decide to \'Use\' Turkey’s Membership

InternationalCDU/CSU decide to establish their election campaign on anti-Turkish stance. CDU/CSU politicians will use Turkey’s EU bid to attack the existing German Government.

Welt am Sonntag reported that despite of some members’ opposition the party commission has taken decision to focus on Turkey’s EU membership process during the German elections.
Berlin State MP Özcan Mutlu said “The decision is a vivid hostility against Turkey… We warned them not to abuse Turkey’s EU bid. It will undermine the ethnic harmony in Germany”.
Dr. Davut Sahiner from ISRO said “Merkel and her party has nothing new about economy, social rights and employment but discrimination policies.” “However she shoul
d know that Merkel not only undermine Turkey’s EU bid, but also Germany’s foreign and domestic policies. There are 3 million Germany Turks in Germany and many of them German citizens. Furthermore Turkey and Germany are very close allies. Merkel’s policies may help her party to get power in short period. However in long term, German will lose” Dr. Sahiner added.

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