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Turkey\'s Gul: Behavior not fitting of Switzerland

InternationalForeign Minister Abdullah Gul, in reaction to the arrest of Turkish Workers\' Party leader Dogy Perincek in the Swiss town of Winterhur, has said: \"It is not acceptable that this has been done to the leader of a Turkish political party.

Do these actions suit a country like Switzerland? Does this reflect the modernity of Switzerland? Let no one have any doubt that we will take the appropriate actions.\"

Perincek had gone to Switzerland to join in celebrations commerating the 82nd anniversary of the signing of the Lausanne Treaty. There, Perincek had stated publicly that the Armenian allegations of genocide were \"a lie,\" after which he was then forced to make a statement to the prosecutor\'s office.

FM Gul made these comments on the matter to the Hurriyet:

\"We became involved the minute we heard that Perincek had been takent o the prosecutor\'s office for questioning...Our Consul in Zurich, Mehmet Emre, has been with Perincek every step along the way. Our Ambassador in Bern, Alev Kilic, has been keeping me up to date on all of the developments. And I have been keeping the Prime Minister up to date through the night. It is simply not possibel for us to accept this being done to a Turkish leader of a political party.\"

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