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Russia and China Issue \'World Order\' Declaration

InternationalThe Russian and Chinese leaders have met in Moscow. The Chinese President Hu Jintao has made an official visit to Russia to meet with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin in his residence outside Moscow on June 30.

Jintao and Putin are expected to sign a declaration on the \'World Order\' in the 21st century to mark the two leaders\' talks. A Russian Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Alexander Yakovenko described the declaration as \"an important document, which shows the common, fundamental Russian and Chinese views on key issues of the modern world order and reflects their common vision of the development of humanity.\" These two countries have signed a multilateral 20-year security and cooperation agreement in 2001, and look for cooperation to prevent pressures coming form the West. Kremlin sources indicate that international security, including Central Asia, the fight against terrorism and cooperation on high technology are issues that will be discussed during the Jintao-Putin summit. The same sources note the two leaders will also discuss the United Nations (UN) reforms.

China, which is seen as a rival to the US in the near future, plans to obtain a large part of energy it needs from Russia. There are oil and natural gas pipeline projects from Siberia to China between the two countries. Jintao now pays his second visit to Moscow following the world leaders\' gathering at the Red Square last May. The Chinese President will fly to Siberia, where his country actively has an economic interest, after his talks in Russia. The Chinese leader will meet with local administrators and businessmen in Novosibirsk, a prominent province in the region. The biggest customer of energy resources in Siberia, China also makes use of this large territory of Russia, which is distant to Europe, as a good market. Jintao will attend the Shanghai Cooperation Organization summit in Kazakhstan\'s capital Astana after his contacts in Russia.

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