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WP: Are Turkey\'s hopes of joining the EU dead?

InternationalAn article published on Tuesday in the Washington Post reports on \"Turkey\'s evolving economy\". The article touches on the reasons why the Netherlands and France rejected the European Constitution, giving cause to Turkey\'s relatively cheap labor which it states is a worry for workers in Europe as Turkey can provide workers at \"one-sixth of the wages in Germany and France\". A discussion on how Turkey has become \"a threat\" to the economies of Europe, is discussed in the article which describes Turkey in Europe\'s eyes as \"a nation (that could) steal manufacturing work while delivering an influx of indigent job-seekers\".

The writer acknowledges the process of change in Turkey that has been unleashed by the country\'s aspirations to join the EU. \"Turkey\'s pursuit of a place in the EU has set in motion a process of change that has made this country of 70 million a more market-orientated economy\".

\"Turkey has attacked chronic problems of inflation and government debt to bring its level closer to Europe\'s while moving to privatize state-owned monopolies.\"

\"Turkey\'s growth rate was at 8% last year.\"

These steps are regularly praised by the EU, however, the article presents the idea that these reforms are turning into a bone of contention between Turkey and certain members of the European Union.

On the other hand, the article also interviews a local farmer who knew about the European Union ambitions of Turkey, and says that the move will not help the village or farming in the village - he is against the move, \"I think this is all Europe\'s planning. They\'re trying to sell their products and kill ours\". In the same sentence the farmer also believes that joining the EU would give \"the chance for his children to escape abroad to find work\".

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