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England\'s Straw: Talks with Turkey will start

InternationalEngland\'s Foreign Minister Jack Straw, who will take over as term president of the EU starting from July 1, called Turkish Foreign Minister Abdullah Gul in Bahrain to stress that there is a guarantee that the \"The accession talks with Turkey will start.\"

The Prime Minister of Luxembourg, Jean Claude Juncker, who is the current president of the EU, said of Sunday\'s referendum in France: \"I prefer a wide Europe to a divided, closed and conservative Europe.\"

Francois Le Bail, spokesman for EU Commission President Jose Manuel Barros, said \"It was decided previously that the EU would widen. We decided for Turkey on December 17. Accession talks with Turkey will begin on October 3. Let\'s not get these subjects confused please.\" In response to questions about the \"privileged partner\" status being proposed by some opponents of Turkey\'s EU membership, Le Bail said \"There is absolutely nothing on that front.\"

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