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Mango: Ataturk would have approached it pragmatically

General NewsAndrew Mango, author of one of the most comprehensive biographies of Turkish leader Mustafa Kemal Ataturk thus far, has criticized the delay of the conference on \"Ottoman Armenians During the Collapse of the Empire\" which was to be held at Bosphorus University this week. In response to questions, Mango said he thought Ataturk probably wouldn\'t have supported the conference per se, but that he would have also taken great care while speaking about it.

\"Ataturk would have approached such a conference pragmatically, and he would have been careful not to serve the purposes of the other side in his speech.\" Mango\'s criticism was in large part directed at the words of Justice Minister Cemil Cicek, who accused the conference organizers of \"stabbing Turkey in the back\" in the days preceding the intended start of the meeting.

The conference is to happen at a later date

A joint statement penned by the 43 organizers and participants of the recently cancelled conference on Armenians has announced that the conference will in fact take place, but on a different as yet unclear date.

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