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Juncker: \"We try all diplomatic canals for Turkish Cypriots\"

International\"We try all diplomatic canals for implementation of European Union (EU) decision on Turkish Cypriots,\" Luxembourg\'s Prime Minister Jean-Claude Juncker on Wednesday. Luxembourg holds the rotating EU presidency.

Taking floor at Parliamentarian Assembly of Council of Europe (PACE) meeting, Juncker replied to the questions of parliamentarians.

Murat Mercan, head of the Turkish delegation, and Nabil Ozdil, a parliamentarian from the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) who attends the meetings as a special guest, asked Juncker why the European Council did not end the economic isolation of the TRNC despite the decisions made last year.

Juncker in reply said there were various problems despite their efforts on this issue.

Juncker said their efforts could continue, and noted that, they could prefer direct talks between Turkish and Greek Cypriots to discuss this issue.


Upon a question about proposal of Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan for establishment of a joint commission between Turkish and Armenian historians (to investigate the 1915 incidents), Juncker said, \"my personal view is that Erdogan\'s proposal could be advocated if it would help initiation of dialogue and solution of the problem.\"

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