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Simultaneous reaction in Ankara and Warsaw

InternationalThe official recognition last Tuesday by the Polish Parliament of the so-called Armenian genocide is the cause of new tension between Ankara and Warsaw. Simultaneous steps looking into the matter were taken yesterday in the capitals of both countries by the Turkish side.

In Ankara, the Polish Ambassador was called yesterday morning to the offices of the Foreign Ministry, where Permanent Undersecretary Nabi Sensoy conveyed the regret with which the Turkish government greeted the news of the Polish Parliament\'s decision.

He also conveyed the official Turkish Republic condemnation and rejection of such a decision. At the same time in Poland yesterday, the Turkish Ambassador in Warsaw went to the Polish Foreign Ministry to pass on Ankara\'s feelings on the matter.

A moment of silence in the Polish Parliament

According to Hurriyet\'s sources, the Polish Parliament\'s official decision was to recognize that the so-called Armenian genocide had \"happened and was over.\" At the time of the decision in the Polish Parliment, Polish MPs stood up for a moment of silence in honor of the events of 1915.


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