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Turkish Diplomat assassinated by Armenians commemorated

InternationalDursun Aksoy, a Turkish administrative attache who was assassinated by the Armenian terrorist organization Asala in Belgium in 1983, was commemorated today (Saturday).

Turkish and Azerbaijani people living in Belgian capital of Brussels and representatives of several nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) attended the commemoration ceremony.

Aksoy was killed on July 14th, 1983. He was preparing to return to Turkey after completing his mission in Brussels when he was assassinated. Aksoy was killed in his car when he left his home to go to the embassy building.

The terrorist organization Asala claimed responsibility for the assassination.

Belgium, which was not willing to carry out the investigation into this terrorist act, was astonished at the stance of Dutch police and justice, which extradited the suspect to Belgium. The suspect was arrested in Almelo city of the Netherlands on July 22nd.

The terrorist organization Asala issued statements, and demanded that the suspect should be freed. Otherwise, it warned, it would stage more acts in Belgium.

In his testimonies, the captured Armenian suspect said that he was in Paris on July 14th, and was \"shopping in Galerie La Fayette\". However, July 14th was an official holiday in France, and shops were closed.

As the Armenian witnesses who came from Paris said that they saw the suspect in the French capital that day, the suspect was released without trial.

The assassination file was shelved as \"unsolved\".

Then Belgian government made a statement in which it claimed that \"the country would not be a scene of terrorism\", and condemned the murder.

The participants of today\'s commemoration ceremony recalled that more than 30 Turkish diplomats were killed in terrorist acts between 1970s and 1980s, and said that course of history could not be changed by terrorism.

They also stated that those who were expecting to obtain territories and get compensation from Turkey with so-called genocide claims, would never reach their target.

The participants also criticized Turkey and Turks living abroad of not showing the necessary reaction against these Armenian allegations.

On the other hand, Azerbaijani participants of the ceremony condemned the occupying and aggressive stance of Armenia, and called for solidarity.

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