3 die in Dardanelles shipping accident

Monday, April 04 2005 @ 07:04 am UTC

All three of those killed were aboard the container carrier the MSC Roberta.
Three crew members of a Panamanian registered container ship were killed in a collision with another cargo vessel in the Dardanelles Strait Saturday. Turkish maritime authorities announced Sunday that the three, all Indian nationals, were killed when their ship, the MSC Roberta collided with the Greek-flagged Aegean Wind, off the town of Gelibolu near the northern or Marmara entrance to the Strait.
The MSC Roberta was sailing down the Strait en-route to Greece from Turkey while the Greek vessel was heading north up the Strait, carrying a cargo from travelling from Ghana to Ukraine at the time of the accident.
Traffic in the Dardanelles was halted until the damaged Panamanian ship was towed to safety.
The cause of the collision has yet to be determined by authorities, though there were strong winds blowing in the region at the time of the accident.

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