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Ottoman documents demand protection of Armenians

InternationalU.S. historian Prof. Dr. Justin McCarthy said on Friday that there were hundreds of Ottoman documents that demanded protection of life and property security of the Armenians, but there were not any documents asking Ottoman people to \"kill the Armenians.\"

McCarthy, who is visiting Turkey upon the invitation of main opposition Republican People\'s Party (CHP), said in a conference on \"the real face of the Armenian problem\" held in Istanbul, \"Ottoman documents are genuine documents when compared with the Armenian documents.\"

Recalling the claims of the Armenians that \"the Ottoman (Empire) killed 1.5 million Armenians\", McCarthy said, \"this number is even more than the total number of Armenians in the Ottoman Empire. In this case, the Armenians should die twice (not once).\"

Informing the participants about the \"Blue Book\", McCarthy said, \"the Blue Book was prepared by British propaganda office, and it was a war propaganda book. And, this book starts with a big lie. They want to show the Turks as bad people. And, this is a book of enmity.\"

McCarthy stated that the evidence shown in the book were just made-up things.

Pointing out that the Armenians served the highest levels of administration during the rule of the Ottoman Empire, McCarthy said, \"Turks and Armenians lived together for about 900 years. Can anybody live together this long with hatred?\"

McCarthy added, \"the world is believing them (the Armenians). Why do Turks have so much difficulty in explaining the realities? Nobody in the world knows the truth about this matter, and they do not know the history either. The Armenians are trying to convince the world that they are right for centuries. The truth will win in the end. Turkey has nothing to fear of. Just open your archives.\"

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