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Iran Offers US \'Nuclear Partnership\'

International Contrary to what the US sets forth, Iran still insists that their nuclear program is for \"peaceful\" purposes only and that they do not aim to produce nuclear arms. In order to prove their sincerity, Iranians have offered the US to form a partnership in their nuclear program.

The Energy Adviser for the Iranian government and the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) representative Hussein Kazempour issued a statement to The Financial Times today (March 16) and said that the Americans can have 50-50 partnership.

Kazempour continued that their offer is on the table; however, the Americans have their reservations. And these reservations could be removed if they were involved in Iran\'s nuclear program.

The Times report noted that it is not clear whether Kazempour\'s statements are of the official view of the Tehran administration.

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