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Europe trying to terrify Google with Terrier

TechnologyThe researchers at University of Glasgow have developed software that may be like an answer to Google, for, the software is capable of rapid development of web, Intranet and desktop search engines! Terrier has all the potentialities to stand before Google!

Terrier has attractive features from DCS. It offers a modular platform for the rapid development of large-scale Information Retrieval applications. Terrier certainly has highly advanced desktop search features and can provide powerful indexing and retrieval functionality.

Terrier has been successfully used in internationally acclaimed forums and several public organizations in the Netherlands, in Italy and has almost outsmarted every other technology that boost to provide similar facilities. Even US people have shown interest in using this software! It is noticeable that big guns like the British Computing Society and the Italian Ministry of Communications are already using Terrier for their in-house Intranet searches.

Terrier is the product of a three-year long EPSRC funded research project within the Information Retrieval research group of the Department of Computing Science. And their research has all the cutting edge technology that is needed in today’s world for providing advanced desktop research. Only a powerful technical background and sound functioning system can dare to challenge Google in its use, and perhaps Terrier is going to do the same!

Troy McKirk
Search Engine Optimization Expert
Jump2Top: Search Engine Optimization Company

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