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Armenia Refuses Offer for Joint Study by Historians

InternationalArmenian Foreign Minister Vartan Oskanyan has refused an offer for a joint study by Turkish and Armenian historians on the so-called Armenian genocide allegations. Oskanyan turned down Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan\'s offer, on the grounds that the joint study had no base.

Oskanyan said they have made clear their stance on the issue. Saying that they had already stated the findings of their historians, Oskanyan added: \"Turkey should put forward their case. There is nothing left for historians to do.\" Meanwhile, Turkey has decided to continue its relations with Armenia via its embassy in Tbilisi rather than Moscow. Turkish Foreign Ministry Spokesman Namik Tan said: \"We have reached the conclusion that the Tbilisi embassy is more effective than the Moscow Embassy in many respects. In the light of this evaluation, our transactions with Armenia will be executed by the Turkish embassy in Tbilisi from now on.\" Armenia, meanwhile, carries out its transactions related with Turkey via its Moscow embassy. Tan also determined that the foreign ministry was always alert to the genocide claims.


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