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Baykal: Let U.S and Britain Take Action For Cyprus

International\"CHP leader Deniz Baykal said that U.S. and Britain had a job to do to overcome the impasse in Cyprus. According to Baykal, instead of the slow-functioning and inflexible structures of the United Nations and the European Union, the diplomatic steps to be taken by U.S. and Britain would \"Motivate\" for compromise and agreement.

\"Baykal voiceed his proposal yesterday on CNN TURK channel. In our interview with Fikret Bila and Sedak Ergin, he explained his thesis. He said:

\"Therefore, Baykal\'s call is both for the government and U.S. and Britain and is worthwhile

Messages Of Baykal

The messages of Baykal in his program with leading journalists yesterday included:

The decision taken on December 17 pleased Christian Democrats who did not want Turkey\'s entry to EU. Because they intended to block Turkey\'s path. They did not want a irrevocable decision.

The Turkish citizens think that even though they can not enter EU without a visa now, their children will in 20 years. That is not true! Because the EU decision includes permanent restrictions.

EU tells us that it will not hand us the special support it extended to other countries in agriculture. Now Turkey handed a note to EU asking it to remove the permanent derogations. Was not the government saying that there were no permanent restrictions?

EU has produced a conditional negotiating date to us. This is because of the Adultery crisis (when the government attempted to criminalize Adultery, in the new Penal Code). The government had caused an unnecessary adultery crisis just before the Commission report of 6 October.


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