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France Urged to Ban “Terrorist” Jewish Group

InternationalA French pro-Palestinian group has asked for banning an extremist group blamed for inciting hatred and physical violence against Arabs.

Olivia Zemor (Olive & Stone) group has made the calls for the Jewish Ligue De Defense Juive (an organization defending Jews in France) to be added to the list of terrorist organizations.

The call comes on the heel of the conviction earlier this week of two members of the Jewish organization for attacking pro-Palestinian activists of Olivia Zemor in France.

The French court handed Antoni Attal, one of the two assailants, a suspended 10-year sentence in jail for attacking members of the pro-Palestinian group with an iron device.

The activist suffered grave injuries after the attack during attending the proceedings of an anti-Semitic lawsuit in the Paris administrative courthouse.

Attal’s conviction came less than a month after his organization colleague Joseph Ayash was sentenced to four months in jail after he pleaded guilty in similar attacks, but the convict was not found in the country.

Attal has a dual French-Israeli nationality.

Physical Assault

The chairperson of Olivia Zemor made a strong appeal for French authorities to ban activities of the hard-line Jewish group over its resort to violence and physical attacks against opponents.

“I myself was attacked twice by members of this Jewish organization. First, I was beaten and threatened to be killed during the trial of French intellectual Roger Garaudy,” Janette Hass told IslamOnline.net.

“The second assault occurred early this year when I tried to join an exhibition in Paris as part of the French-Israeli friendship day, but members of the Jewish organization dragged me on the ground after punching me everywhere,” she added.

The Ligue De Defense Juive has several branches in many French cities and follows extremist Zionist Ideologies.

It is also organizing training camps reportedly to spread out anti-Arab and anti-Muslim ideologies and propagate for the myth of the Greater State of Israel.

The slogan of the organization portrays a hand fist with a six-way star.


Mondher Sfar, a leading pro-Palestinian activist in France expressed mixed surprise and shock the Jewish organization members are acting with impunity.

“Despite its terrorist methods, members of the Jewish organization has unique immunity although they resorted to violence several times in front of the French security men but without being punished or even arrested," he told IOL.

Alivia Zamoro, the chairperson of a French group advocating peace in the Middle East, also joined voices for her part, has also called for banning activities of the Jewish organization in France.

She noted that the Jewish group is banned in the United States and is put on the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) list of terrorist groups.

Last Victims

In the latest series of racial attacks against pro-Palestinian activists in the country, members of the Jewish organization had insulted Fouad Alaoui, secretary general of the Union of French Islamic Organizations (UOIF).

The attackers dubbed Alaoui as a “terrorist” during his visit to the headquarters of the Jewish representative council in France, where representatives of the Muslim and Jewish communities in France met recently.

Strangely enough, the violent practices of the members of the Jewish organization usually pass unpunished.

The organization members attacked pro-Palestinian students at a French university without being detained by the French police.

On September 1, an Israeli court has convicted a Jewish extremist for belonging to an organization that carried out a series of deadly attacks against Arabs.

The charge sheet said Shahar Dvir-Zeliger's group - which was not named - attacked mainly Arab schools.

The last comparable case in Israel was in 1994 when the Israeli Cabinet declared two extremist settler groups, Kach and Kahane Chai, as terrorist organizations.

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