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US$6.5 Billion Spent Annually on Cigarettes

BusinessThe Turkey Prevention of Waste Foundation conducted a study recently on waste caused by cigarette consumption and domestic debt interest payments. According to the study, approximately 17,000 million Turkish people smoke cigarettes.

Turkish citizens spend an average of US$17 million a day on cigarettes. Therefore, the annual expenditure is US$6.5 billion. The study predicts that 4 million out of the 17 million smokers will lose seven years of their lives and 4 million of them will lose 22 years of their lives. This amounts to a resource loss in Turkey equal to the labor provided by 4 million people who are in the most productive years of their lives. In addition, Turkey spends US$2 billion on health care of 50 different illnesses related to smoking.

The Foundation says the Research also indicates that 52.6 quadrillion Turkish liras are paid annually in domestic debt interest.

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