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Bush Presents Apology to Jordan\'s King Abdullah

InternationalU.S. President George W. Bush, who is being sharply criticized for not apologizing for the torture of Iraqi prisoners during his interviews with two Arabic television stations on Wednesday, yesterday conveyed his belated apology to Jordan\'s King Abdullah who was already in the U.S. for an official visit.

The White House released an announcement yesterday that said the President apologizes for the torture photos. White House Spokesman Scott McClellan said that President apologized for what happened. The Spokesman added that the apology issue has been exaggerated and that he apologizes on behalf of Mr. President. McClellan defended that there was no public pressure against Bush for the apology.

Meanwhile, Bush received Abdullah and conveyed his sadness about the photos and the humiliation they have caused. The U.S. President said that the photos disgusted him. Bush also added that he gave his apology to Abdullah.


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