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Clashes break out between police and demonstrators

A TUHAF-FED, a federation of relatives of arrested and condemned people, group made up of 2,500 people from various cities gathered in Birecik district of Urfa.

The group, traveling under the security measures of Urfa Gendarmerie Headquarters and Police Headquarters, was searched at the control point on the way to their destination. A riot broke out when they reacted against police officers for being searched at the check point on their way to the village of Omerli where Abdullah Ocalan, leader of the terrorist organization PKK and under arrest since 1999, was born in 1946.

A police car entering the crowd hit and threw up one of the protestors. He turned over on the car and fell down. This infuriated the group and they started to throw stones after the car.

Some of the group started to chant slogans and threw stones at policemen in reaction. Ten people were injured. Then security forces intervened in the incident. After streaming water using panzers, policemen had to use tear bomb to disperse them.

After a 4-hour clash with police forces Ahmet Dagtekin, DEHAP Representative in Urfa, and Nursel Aydogan, Head of TUHAF-FED, came to the scene to end the conflict. They talked to security authorities. They were told that the crowd wouldn't be allowed into the village after the incident and that they had to disperse. And the protestor group dispersed at 18:00 in silence.


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