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Negotiators to Tackle De Soto\'s 4 Keys

InternationalIt is expected that talks about the four key points prepared by United Nations (UN) Special Envoy to Cyprus Alvare De Soto would be completed by tomorrow, setting the stage for a \'give and take\' process to begin on Thursday. The Greek newspaper Alithia reported that De Soto\'s document consists of the following four key points:

In regards to the composition of the Presidential Council, the Cypriot Greek side suggests increasing the number of the Presidential Council members from six (four Greeks and two Turks) to nine (six Greeks and three Turks). Also, the Cypriot Greek side suggests that the presidential terms of office for the Greeks to be 40 months and for Turks to be 20 months. The Turkish side suggests that the Cypriot Turks should be allotted 24 Turkish senators, who would be elected by the Cypriot Turks.

In regards to the land concessions, the Greek side requests that the land that was originally going to be handed over to them to instead be put under the control of the U.N. so as not to jeopardize the implementation of the prospective agreement. The Turkish side is insisting that Cypriot Turks affected by the turn over of land be assured of resettlement.

In regards to freedom of movement, the Cypriot Greek side wants the limitations on visits to be lifted and they demand a stop to the flow of residence. On the other hand, the Cypriot Turks wants less Greeks to be returned and a straight line on the map demarcating the Turkish side and the Greek side.

In regards to how an eventual agreement will be implemented, the Cypriot Greeks demand that the prospective agreement be passed in both the Turkish and Greek parliaments. Cypriot Turks demand that Turkish military force remain on the Island even after E.U. membership.


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