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UN calls exposure of AIDS-infected woman discriminatory

InternationalThe United Nations criticized the recent exposure of the AIDS-infected Ukrainian woman, noting the move provided no solution to the spreading of the disease.

The U.N. Information Center in Ankara issued a statement yesterday and said they were closely following the recent debates over the exposure of the woman. The U.N. labeled the move as discriminatory, adding discrimination and isolation were the most important problems of AIDS and at the same time were obstacles in efforts to prevent the spread of the disease.

Erzurum police raided a hotel on Sunday and detained the Ukrainian woman, Oksana Topor, who was found having sexual intercourse. During medical examinations, Topor was discovered to have both HIV and Hepatitis-C. During interrogations, Topor confessed that she had had sex with 1,335 men over three months.

Topor was forced to sit next to the Erzurum deputy police chief while he was briefing the press on the issue, the woman burst into tears during the briefing.

The move of the police chief attracted huge criticisms, claiming this was an infringement of her human rights while the police chief and Erzurum governor defended the move saying their aim was to urge people to take the necessary precautions.

\'All people have the right to keep their health conditions secret\'
The statement from the U.N. said the public interest in exposure of the woman was restricted and provided no solution to the problem.

\"Instead of such a discriminatory practice, the related people should be directed to necessary medical treatment institutions and citizens should be well informed of the disease. These are more realistic approaches that would contribute to the solution of the problem.\"

\"All people have the right to keep any information concerning their health condition secret. Exposing infected people to the public and displaying discriminatory attitudes against them causes these people to avoid the necessary treatment and therefore the makes the disease spread among people even more.\"

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