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Ukranian woman infects HIV to 1350 men in 3 months

A Ukranian woman with HIV was said to have had sex with more than 1,350 men for the last 3 months in eastern Turkish province of Erzurum.

Panicked men rushed into hospitals in the city to health check after police pilloried Oksana Topor, stating she has the AIDS virus (HIV) and had sex with at least 1,350 men without condom, in a press conference. It is reported also more others went to hospitals in neighbouring cities because they feel too ashamed to be known in Erzurum.
Topor had been captured on 28th December by a police operation while she was engaging in prostitution in a hotel room. Officials found out that 28-year-old woman has both HIV and Hepatit-C in results of medical check and she admitted that she might infect HIV to more than 1,350 men after her illegal sneaking into Turkey 3 months ago.
Later, governor Mustafa Malay held a news conference in which Oksan Topor was also present. Malay noted out that Topor had written names of all men, with who she had engaged in prostitution. And he called on those men to apply to nearest hospital and take a health check.
Topor in tears, making statement by translator, said, \"I was unaware of my illness. We I learnt, I was ruined. My world was darkened…\"
Oksana Topor is currently in capital Ankara where she takes medical care.

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