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Half-billion former Iraqi dinar seized at Umr Qasr

International Iraqi police has seized half-billion of former dinnar banknotes in ship anchored at Umr Qasr port of Basra.
In result of searching at the ship voyaging from Pakistan to UAE, the inspectors have captured the banknotes of former regime in trunk of one of 8 vehicles at the board.

Police chief Mohammed Qazim Ahmed Ali said that all packets full with banknotes have official seal of Pakistani Central Bank and the ship was still anchored at Umr Qasr port, adding that press member weren\'t allowed to take photos of it due to ongoing investigation.
\"Iraq\'s intelligence service is keeping the investigation. We found out the 8 vehicles in the Pakistani flagged ship named \"Nur\" belong to an Iraqi tradesman,\" the police chief told to reporters.
Meanwhile, local council\'s member and head of security committee Sheikh Hassan Kahtani came to scene and claimed, \"those banknotes are valuable only in Iraq. So, I think that Pakistanis sent them into Iraq to provide financial support for militants of Al- Qaide and other terrorist organizations.\"
It is reported also there were writings on banknotes in both English and Urdu.

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