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Turkey: Local Elections to be Held March 28, 2004

NationalAnkara, TURKEY, October 11, 2003 - The Supreme Board of Election (YSK) has reached a decision yesterday to hold local elections on Sunday March 28, 2004.
Previously the elections had been planned for April 18, 2004.
Yesterday\'s decision followed the related laws regarding the election of local administrators and board of aldermen.

The law states that local elections should be held every five years, and voting to take place on the last Sunday of the month of March in the fifth year.

Previously, a difference of opinion had surfaced amongst YSK members because of two different regulations regarding the subject.

Some advocated that the Constitution\'s 127th article should be followed, anticipating local elections every five years. Some advocated that the 8th article of the local administration law should be followed.

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