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Indian Muslim Leader Nominated For Nobel Peace Prize

InternationalWASHINGTON, September 9 (IONA) – An Indian Islamic leader was nominated for the 2003 Nobel Peace Prize in recognition of his commitment to serving and uplifting humanity, according to the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA).

“Syed Hasan has dedicated over sixty years of his life for the betterment of others, as he is the founder and director of INSAN (Urdu for \"Human\"), an educational and humanitarian mission based in India.”

The INSAN Institute has been promoting for almost 40 years education and educational awareness, educational accessibility to financially disadvantaged, adult literacy, pre-teen/teen marriages, local economy and employment to disadvantaged, and humanitarian assistance.

The Institute, housed in bamboo huts in Kishanganj at the junction of India, makes up the Insan School and College, is winning many hearts in the process.

Located, Nepal and Bangladesh, is carrying out this bold experiment.

“From cleaning the blood and beds of the T.B. patients to eating with \'mehters\' (Indian toilet cleaners, belonging to untouchable class), or simply helping those in need, he has been always on the forefront of many social causes,” said ISNA.

Testifying to the magnitude of his sacrifice, many consider him to be among the great humanitarians of our time, it added.

Hasan was inspired to do good works after seeing the disparity prevalent among his people, conflicts and human sufferings of World War I and II, and then the communal riots in pre-independence India. During his stays in America he witnessed the impact of racial segregation. However, he also saw hope and was very influenced by many reform movements, and peace movements.

His mission with INSAN has always been to create a platform to serve humanity with the only long-term hope for the progress of civilization – education, said ISNA.

“He believed that education plays a vital role in making a kinder and gentler world. His mission has been a successful paragon of unity, harmony and brotherhood”.

He has created an atmosphere where people from different backgrounds,
casts, religions, regions and languages work, learn, live, and grow together.

Hasan started the institute in a humble environment.

“He had no land to start his project. He first helped start the National School, thereby, establishing his bona fides with the school authorities who permitted him to conduct his own classes in their building before or after the school hours”.

He started with 36 students, and since then, there was no looking back.

“A hut was hired at a monthly rent of Rs. 50. (about one U.S. Dollar today) ‘Insan’ was born. Today the Insan School and College has a complex of 200 huts spread over 200 acres”.

“Assets of the institute value over ten million rupees. Among the huts is a hall that can accommodate 5,000 students at a time.”

“INSAN School/College is famous for its well-rounded educational development for students and its creative and innovative approach in education that inspire learning, creativity, critical thinking, confidence building, leadership, discipline, self reliance, sharing, equality, brotherhood, tolerance, community, and faith.

Hasan received a masters and doctorate degree from Southern Illinois University.

He has always been a devout Muslim, and his actions and mission have always reflected his deep rooted religious beliefs.

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