Islamic Philosophers not Invited to Philosophy Congress

Saturday, August 16 2003 @ 07:21 pm UTC

Istanbul, TURKEY, August 16, 2003 - Although the 21st World Philosophy Congress in Istanbul witnesses broad participation, many well-known Turkish philosophers are not there. Many philosophers say they did not receive a invitation and heard about the congress via the press, while Philosophy of Islam lecturers were overlooked. Congress organizer, Prof. Dr. Ioanna Kucuradi, the Chairperson of the Turkey Philosophy Foundation and the International Philosophy Foundation said philosophers whose absence were felt were invited and that they did not discriminate against anyone. But some philosophy lecturers and academics criticized the content of the congress severely.

One of the uninvited, Chairman of Philosophy and Religion Sciences Department at the Theology School of Marmara University Prof. Dr. Bekir Karliga noted the significance of holding an international philosophy congress in a Muslim country.

He criticized, \"You would expect a broad discourse on Islamic Thought and Philosophy at a philosophy congress in a Muslim country. Wouldn\'t people from 83 countries ask if there is any philosophy in Turkey? Wouldn\'t they ask if philosophers in Turkey, which is a Muslim country, have anything to say on the philosophy of Islam?\"

Pointing out that French Philosopher Etienne Gilson requested the translation of Ibni Sina\'s works into Latin at the 6th philosophy congress held in the US 80 years ago, Prof Karliga commented, \"While it was necessary for Turkish and Islamic philosophers to discuss the issue, ordinary subjects were allotted sessions. And while some unknown people were invited here, philosophers of a certain mindset did not hear about the event. It will be a big loss if State Minister Mr. Mehmet Aydin, who is a philosopher, is not present at the congress.\"

Zafer Ozcan / Istanbul / TURKEY

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