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There\'s Been No Military, Civilian Or Governmental Elitism

NationalTURKEY, June 13, 2003 - Foreign Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Abdullah Gul said today earlier that he plans to discuss the Aegean Sea issue with Greek Minister of Foreign Affairs Geroge Papandreou.

While leaving the Foreign Ministry, Gul responded to journalists\' questions regarding Greek claims of Turkish harassment about violating Greek air space. Gul also stated that there has been no military, civilian or governmental elitism.

Greek claims of Turkish harassment regarding violating Greek air space. Upon being reminded that the Chief of General Staff had been distressed about the government\'s silence on the matter, Gul said, \"We all are disturbed. In such matters, soldier, civilian and government elitism is out of the question. Our only purpose is to transform the Aegean Sea into a sea of peace. With this in mind, everyone should act carefully. It is meaningless to escalate the incidents unnecessarily. What do we need to do? It is to display Turk-Greek cooperation to the entire world. This cooperation should be in every field because it benefits all countries to show respect to everyone in the region.\"

When a journalist asked: \"Is there a Turkish response to Greek efforts to carry the incident to the international agenda?\" Gul responded: \"We know what we will do: where and what. We will have something to say when the time is right. We are working on them.\" Gul also pointed out that everyone should rest assured that Turkey\'s best interest will be protected in every decision.

Gul stated that the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) have not conveyed any concern regarding the matter, underscoring the fact that the possibility of elitism was not even a subject for discussion.

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